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“This teacher training is beyond anything I could have expected. And based on what I knew about Noah, I expected a lot. I started with the Fundamentals of Yoga Poses online course. I was hooked on the mastery Noah showed of the details of asana and of the learning process. He expected the students to jump in, learn everything possible, and take true ownership of their personal learning process. Noah is there to help you go as far as your commitment will take you. This dedication has continued throughout all the online classes and in the teacher training program. Noah, Tracy and their team have made this program a life-changing experience. I have many more technical skills than when I started. My teaching abilities are vastly improved and have expanded to include many new techniques. I’ve met and befriended so many great fellow teachers from and with whom I learn things almost every day. I have learned how to become a better student of yoga, student of the teaching art, and student of life.”  — Jacob Kenner

“Authentic, fun, and expanding – three words to describe the 500 hour teacher training. Noah is a true master of his craft and to have the chance to practice and learn from him is a gift. Noah’s 500 hour teacher training is for serious students who want to go deep within their own practice, and become a more authentic teacher. Noah is the real deal. He offers simple, yet extremely detailed teachings that are fun, and to the point. Noah’s passion for yoga clearly shows through his teachings, and studying with him has powerfully changed my teaching, my own practice, and my life.”   —Nick Florino

“Noah Mazé is exceptional at meeting students where they are. He gave me direct feedback on my teaching, helping me identify my strengths and see where I could improve. He encouraged me to venture out of my comfort zone one step at a time and provided tools that helped me immediately. Since taking teacher training with Noah, I am more clear, concise and direct. My sequencing is more skillful and I am better able to read the energy of the room and modify as needed. I now teach from a more authentic place.”   —Jennifer Davis

“The RYT 500 YOGAMAZÉ training has made my teaching much more direct and clear. I’m much more precise in the way I’m instructing poses, and the way that I use my language. This translates to a more effective experience for my students. The feedback I’ve gotten from my students is that they’re learning more about the poses and how to practice in a skillful and consistent way the more that I study with Noah.” —Rocky Heron

“Training in the presence of a teacher who is dedicated, skilled, enthusiastic and outrageously talented inspires me to expand my capacities beyond what I imagined possible. Noah’s passion for yoga motivates me every day to work hard to improve my teaching and personal practice on every level. Noah draws incredible teachers in his advanced trainings, so I’m fortunate to learn from a supportive and talented group, as well. I’m grateful for my experience and recommend this training to any serious, committed teacher. Ok, I admit it, I LOVE this program. Thank you.” —Amy Petty

“Over the course of my 14 years of yoga study and 6 years as a teacher of yoga I have noticed the value of Noah’s capacity for responsiveness and feedback toward empowerment and cultivating self responsibility and self-directed learning. This is why I choose to take teacher training with Noah above all else, because I learn effectively and take my insights directly into my teaching and life after my studies with Noah. Study with Noah is worth every cent.” —Caroline Sereda

“I would highly recommend the YOGAMAZÉ 200 hour teacher training because it’s not just about learning to teach yoga poses. It’s learning about yourself. It’s about individual growth. That’s why I chose to study with YOGAMAZÉ. Through this training I’ve become much more observant and gained awareness and understanding of what the poses do for our bodies. I joined the program to deepen my knowledge, but it has also been about evolvement in my own being. It’s scary, exciting, very emotional and wonderful for me.”—Laura Wang

“I came into this program knowing very little and as we progressed through the modules and online discussions, I noticed that I developed good and strong habits that are effecting more than just my teaching yoga. This training has deepend my own practice and my understanding of the poses as well as of the history and discipline surrounding yoga. The program has introduced me to a new community of people and I have made friends and family as we struggle, learn and prevail together. ” —Nicholas Trubachick

“I would highly recommend YOGAMAZÉ training. Noah is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but supportive. The training is refined in order for most effective learning for all students. Through this training are developing a whole new skillset and this learning continues far beyond the training itself. I have never felt stronger or more confident or so inspired.” —Robin Petering

“Studying with Noah has opened up possibilities I hadn’t known existed. As a result I am going through a major growth period.  My role within my community is beginning to shape and is forming into that genuine connection I have always longed for. The decision to train with Noah came when I decided to teach yoga instead of pursuing a career in nursing. As a yoga teacher and registered nurse I am now working hard to teach the art of yoga in my community. A community needs yoga teachers that have varied and vast knowledge, especially when reaching folks who have quite variable physical, mental, financial, and social conditions. The tools I’ve been given by Noah are invaluable. I haven’t been indoctrinated into a specific methodology, rather, I’ve been shown how to teach the methodology of my choosing based of the course on my experience, continued learning, and the needs of my community. Noah Mazé is amazing. I encourage yoga teachers needing direction to seek his guidance.”    —Natalia Callard

“Noah’s teacher training is education based, and I believe designed to create an authentic foundation for a lifetime of studying yoga and learning to teach it skillfully.  In my opinion, 200 hours (and honestly even 500 hours to some extent) of yoga teacher training seems rudimentary. Make no mistake, Noah’s trainings will definitely allow one to start teaching yoga straight away. Creating a basis and methodology for continuing study, however, I believe is the strength of the program. Noah’s training is born of his extensive and diverse background in all of the major systems of yoga as well as the underlying philosophy from which it comes. His training is non-dogmatic, and his style of teaching is both dynamic and supportive in a manner that pushes students in a reasonable and compassionate manner.  His training invites and inspires students to establish a methodology for ongoing study and deepening of teaching skills. Three days into my initial two hundred hour training, I enrolled for the whole 500 hour program, as Noah’s knowledgeable, direct, and kind teachings were perfect for me.” —Mark Meers

“The quality of teaching I have received from YOGAMAZÉ is so excellent, thorough, encouraging and wise. I am truly blessed by this experience. I am Noah’s forever student.” —Madison Moore

“Whether you are contemplating a teacher training, or just want to immerse deeper into your yoga studies, may I suggest studying with Noah Mazé. Your time and money will be a worthy investment in yourself, your yoga and to the students you teach. Noah is the real deal. He teaches with skillful precision, steeped in immense knowledge and artful expression. The environment Noah creates, whether in person, or online is rooted in dignity and safety for everyone. His classes are intelligent, spot on funny, yet always sensitive. I have laughed and cried in his presence and have never felt diminished by my vulnerabilities.  I have learned so much from Noah. He always offers more than I expect to learn every time I study with him. He never looses sight what an in-depth endeavor yoga is and answers my questions from a place of context, integrity and wisdom. Noah represents everything about yoga I aspire to as a teacher and a student. If you have the opportunity to train with Noah you will find yourself coming back to learn from him over and over. Noah Mazé has opened my eyes, heart and mind far beyond my yoga mat. He never ceases to inspire me to be my best self and I am forever grateful.” —Nancy Dales

“I took a chance last year and enrolled in a training program with Noah. It was a lot of time, travel, money and study to invest with a teacher I had not yet met in person. But wow, what a great decision I made! The training absolutely delivered, and to say Noah is a really great yoga teacher doesn¹t give him justice ­ he¹s so much more.  Noah¹s teachings are right on key with my life. He reminded me of the power of the asana itself through his direct teaching methods. And Noah is keeping me infinitely curious about the rich history of the teachings because I see so clearly that even with his mass of knowledge he always has an open, beginner’s mind. Thanks in part to Noah¹s example I have fully re-engaged in my ‘yoga career’ as teacher, student, studio co-owner and stay-at-home-mom. I am more present now in my days with my toddler and have carved a more satisfying schedule in my roles as studio owner and yoga teacher.  And best of all I am regularly attending two weekly public classes just for me. I look forward to studying with Noah for a long time to come and recommend his trainings to anyone seeking direct and effective teaching methodologies that will make a difference on and off the mat from day one.” —Betsy Poos

“Just as his teaching style is extremely focused and clear, Noah’s talent of getting to the essence of what it takes to bring instructors to the next level of their teaching ability is spot on. He facilitates development of authenticity in teacher trainees as his respect for others runs deep. I found myself in ‘very good company’ during my teacher training as Noah and his wife Tracy do a beautiful job in connecting their yoga community. Fabulous experience and my own students are reflecting back to me that my teaching has become stronger.” —Abbie Britton

“This training has been the best decision I have made this year!!! I am really enjoying myself and learning a ton! Thanks for being you!” —Tiffany Porte

“Thank you Noah! I look forward to studying with you later this year. I have felt incredibly taken care of by your whole team. Awesome service!” —Karyn

“Hi Noah. The quality of teaching I have received from you throughout the year is so excellent, thorough, encouraging and wise. I am truly blessed by you. From my heart to yours…love in abundance this holiday season. Your forever student.” —Madison Moore

“Noah’s teaching style was very funny, extremely knowledgeable, and powerful.  I really enjoyed every class from the beginning throughout the end.  His kind and open style offered such freedom for students to accept the challenge or to feel comfortable where we were on each given day. Having his family attend our super fun Talent Show seemed to show his commitment to his teaching and demonstrated such respect and love for his family and his students. I do hope to have another opportunity to participate as a student for future events.” —Stacy Muccino

“I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for your great teachings in Omaha this past weekend.  I studied with you 2 years ago when you were here, and I have been lucky enough to catch you a few other locations (Portland, KC) as well as do some of your awesome online stuff.  I learn SO much every single time! Lots of my students came this weekend and all loved you too!  Now they know why I reference you so much. I especially love how you discuss sequencing – super methodical and no-nonsense.  It helps my teaching as well as my ability to teach future teachers how to sequence.”  —Alison King Tigges

“I just wanted to thank you again for a great weekend in Portland. Your classes were great as usual, and even more so, you teacher training information went above and beyond.  I am so excited to find a teacher that I feel excited about. When I took your workshop in Omaha last winter, I saw something so special and after this weekend I was sold. I appreciate your willingness to help us find a framework and methodology to teaching. Your cues are spot on, direct, specific and some of the best I have seen.   It has been a pleasure and I hope to study with you more in the future!” —Alison King Tigges

“Rocky your energy is amazing I really enjoyed your class.” —Anonymous

“I was a participant at your workshop at South Mountain Yoga this past weekend.  To me this was an extraordinary experience to have such a wonderful yoga practice with you.  I learned so much more about myself at this workshop.  I sincerely hope that you will return to New Jersey again soon, and hope to see you again. Thank you Noah for the greatest yoga practice I had this weekend.” —Yolanda Silverio

“Thank you for the great workshop. I loved the words regarding how men and women respond differently to touch. Thanks for that.” —Judy Siek

“Great gratitude to you, dear teacher and friend, for your radiant presence in Taos.  We are all lit up! It was such a pleasure to host you in our sweet little town and I look forward to your whole family coming to play sometime soon. I am feeling so full, overflowing with honor and respect for you, your teachings, all that I recognize in myself thanks to your sharing the practice, and all of the ways we are growing. So many of the students this weekend took great leaps of faith and fun in raising the stakes on their level of commitment to yoga. The power of their discipline is reflecting all over town.” —Suki Ola Dalury

“We enjoyed your class so very much. I savored your intensity and ability to reactivate the strength I had thought I lost, and my husband saw the beauty of something that is such an important part of my life and decided to make it part of his too. When we returned home, I immediately opened my YoaGlo account, which in many ways, spared my sanity, kept me grounded, and kept my heart open in a less than ideal environment. So, though long overdue, thank you for expanding my world and for giving me an important tool to share with others and to use, even if my day is ridiculously full and my personal space is almost nonexistent.” —Elisabeth Ogle

“This workshop was wonderful in all ways! Noah taught with wisdom, humor and grace to inspire a new awareness in yoga practice. His knowledge of yoga and anatomy of the human body was just awesome. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this workshop.” —Debra Williams

“This was the most holistic, detailed, serious and fun yoga instruction I have ever received. The group was lead with great skill across the ability range within group throughout the program. I learned a lot. I grew in my yoga practice and as a person and had a great time.” —Esalen Workshop participant

“Noah was the most excellent teacher I have had in recent experience. He was precise, informative, encouraging, warm and wise. He brought out the best in us – on every level.” —Esalen Workshop participant

“Excellent instruction; a diverse group came together as a wonderful community during the course of the program. I loved the breaking down of poses and yoga stories.” —Anonymous

“Noah is an incredible teacher. I gained so much from his classes throughout the week. He shares his knowledge in such a thoughtful and understandable way. The workshop blew all of my expectations out of the water. I came to get away from my everyday self, but ended up finding so much of myself, both mentally and physically.” —Anonymous

“I think this March 11th class is the best class i have ever taken (and that says a lot considering my teachers Shri BKS Iyengar and John Fireball Friend. I love your clear directions again and again to the Principles. It gets harder and harder for me to keep muscle energy (tipping the flopsy mopsy scale of almost 70) But you have given me a new zingy butt and legs yahoooooooooo… return to paradisio!!! And i love that you tell us how many times and how long for instance that you do Supta Virasana to get your hip flexors on board (mine get sooo tight in this cold, cold weather)”

“Noah embodies everything he teaches, from how to build a sequence, structure a lesson, structure a teaching day and a week long module. He skillfully weaves in group dynamics, effective leadership styles and skills, effective communication and feedback, technology, business, anatomy, philosophy and ethics. He hits you with a tidal wave of knowledge so deep and rich with experience and diversity, yet still leaves you feeling like you had a day at camp. He is incredibly talented and gifted at teaching students, aspiring teachers, and experienced teachers. He never looses his appetite to learn more, and easily can ignite the same interest in yourself. Train the trainer is incredibly valuable for those just beginning to lead teacher training groups and those who have lead them for several years. He sets the bar high, demands a lot out of you, and you get to walk away from a rich learning experience that holds repeat value. Thank you Noah!” – Paula Gelbart

“The YOGAMAZÉ training with Rocky Heron this past week could not have gone any better!!! Everyone is incredibly pleased with the curriculum and they are loving Rocky (I am too of course)!  He is doing an excellent job of teaching the TT and I feel very confident in him and his knowledge of both yoga and with the YOGAMAZÉ program!  This course is raising the bar for everyone in the yoga community and I am so happy that we worked this out! Thank you so much for your support and desire to create a TT program that works and creates better students and teachers which in turn extends the knowledge and growth of yoga to others!”  —Tiffany Porte