Online Course

Twelve 60-Minute Sessions | $285

Increase your efficacy and skill as a teacher, whatever your experience is. This course is appropriate for all teachers, and for students who are considering whether to teach. This course studies the fundamental skills of teaching yoga poses and teaches you to understand pose shapes and how to instruct them, step by step. Noah will guide you on a deep dive into study and relationship with these poses, laying the groundwork for a rich and skillful practice for both you and your students This course includes the Fundamentals of Yoga Poses and is the foundational course for all YOGAMAZÉ Yoga Teacher Trainings. This course is accredited through the Yoga Alliance and counts towards 20 hours of non-contact continuing education hours, which fulfills the entire 3-year requirement for teachers.

This course consists of twelve 60-minute sessions.

  • Each session is recorded, archived and available to watch on your own time, whenever you like, as many times as you like, via our website for one year from your date of purchase.
  • All sessions require an internet connection capable of streaming video. Videos are not available to download.
  • Immediately after purchase, your course is available in the “My Library” section of our platform when you are logged into the website.
  • Sessions consist of lectures with visual aids and additional materials are provided.
  • For questions or trouble with the technology, contact

We cover the following topics:

• How to teach Surya Namaskar, Standing Poses, Transition Poses, Seated and Supine Forward Bends, Basic Backbends, Seated Twists, and Ujayii Pranayama
• How to translate the medium of practice to the medium of teaching
• Insight into how to observe your students’ form
• How to improve your vision and assessment of poses
• How to teach to safety and how to make the basic poses more accessible for newer students
• How, when and why to teach refinements
• Verbal articulation, observation and demonstration skills
• The ability to instruct and note student improvement
• How to consider sequencing strategies in fundamental forms
• Basic principals associated with sequencing a solid class

  • An internet connection
  • A computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar
  • Yoga the Iyengar Way by Silva, Mira and Shyam Mehta
  • A yoga mat
  • At least 3 yoga blankets, a yoga strap and 2 blocks
  • A digital camera or phone with photo capability
  • Motivation and self-directed learning
  • Desire to interact and participate in an online group forum

Authored, Designed & Delivered by Noah Mazé

“I am super excited to join in on this course. I have some catching up to do but I do have scoliosis and am fused from T3 to L4 and it runs with my family. I hope to gain some knowledge for my own practice as well as to share with others.” ­—Elizabeth, Louisville Kentucky

“I just wanted to let you know that I really look forward to your online courses because you are such an awesome and amazing teacher that even the two hours every few weeks is so invigorating for my personal practice (which is the only practice that I practice). So I really do appreciate it when we get time with you – and these few simple words really do not do any justice to the appreciation and thankfulness felt on this side.” —Tehneyat Waseem