Dr. Paula Gelbart
Eight 60-Minute Sessions | $140

Go beneath the skin to bones, joints, primary muscle groups and movement to understand some complexity about how the human body is built. We introduce and explore eight main regions of the body: spine and core, pelvis, hip, lower extremity (from hip to foot), foot and ankle, shoulder, upper extremity (from the shoulder to the hand), wrist and hand. Each session builds upon the more basic information presented in our foundational Anatomy Primer series, and in this course you will bridge into more complex anatomy and kinesiology concepts with some application to yoga practice and poses. This course is accredited though Yoga Alliance and counts towards 10 hours of non-contact continuing education hours, which fulfills 1/2 of the 3-year requirement for teachers.

This course consists of eight 60-minute recorded sessions.

  • Each session is recorded, archived and available to watch on your own time, whenever you like, as many times as you like, via our host website for 6 months from your date of purchase
  • Live participation is NOT required
  • All sessions are accessible by mobile devices
  • Within 72 hours of purchase, you will receive an email with instructions about how to access and utilize the course
  • Sessions consist of lectures with visual aids
  • This course includes an elective online group forum, actively moderated on Facebook while live sessions are in process and occasionally moderated once recordings are complete
  • If you wish to extend your access to the course, you may do so for a $40 renewal fee
  • For questions or trouble with the technology, contact

We cover the following body regions in this order:

• Session 1: Spine and Core
• Session 2: Pelvis
• Session 3: Hip
• Session 4: Lower Extremity (hip to foot)
• Session 5: Foot and the Ankle
• Session 6: Shoulder
• Session 7: Upper Extremity (shoulder to hand)
• Session 8: Wrist and Hand

Eight 60-Minute Sessions $140.00
  • A computer smartphone or tablet
  • An interest in anatomy
  • Motivation and self-directed learning
  • Desire to interact and participate in an online group forum
This training is led by Dr. Paula Gelbart
This training is led by Noah Mazé

“I am super excited to join in on this course. I have some catching up to do but I do have scoliosis and am fused from T3 to L4 and it runs with my family. I hope to gain some knowledge for my own practice as well as to share with others.” ­—Elizabeth, Louisville Kentucky

“Your online courses are awesome! I [participate in] online courses with many other teachers, and I find that your courses offer way more resources, seem to be exceptionally current – rather than pre-planned, and relate to our interaction and feedback ( where you use threads from each week). [It is] truly inspiring, captivating and engaging, as well as encouraging, to learn more and to give more to our students and ourselves. After all, we are our own biggest students. I am so enthralled by your teaching, I wish I could do everything!” – Michelle Cross