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Online Courses

Yoga courses online and how they work

YOGAMAZÉ online courses raise the standard of yoga education. Our online classrooms provide a means for yoga students and yoga teachers to deepen knowledge, advance skills, increase income and improve overall effectiveness. Train with us from anywhere, on your schedule, and join our international learning community.

Via classroom-based lectures, we stay connected, and learn together across great distances. You will gain friends and colleagues around the world, as thousands of yogis attend our lectures, and more than eighty percent of our students return for further education. Peruse our catalog of courses and find the course that serves your interests or needs.

Course topics range from broad based yoga education for students of every level to increasingly specific and specialized coursework for yoga teachers. Wherever you are on your path as a yogi, our courses are designed to increase your confidence and advance your skills.

If you are seeking growth in your career as a teacher, our courses will assist your professional development. Most of our courses are accredited through Yoga Alliance, with a typical course counting towards 10-20 non-contact continuing education hours.

At YOGAMAZÉ, we differentiate our online courses from online classes. Whereas online classes provide you an opportunity to practice yoga poses at home while listening to Noah’s instructions, our online courses are lecture based; and similar to what you might find in a university classroom (e.g. lectures and accompanying visual aids). An online course may consist of anywhere between 4 and 12 sessions. Sessions are typically 60 to 90 minutes in length and are available for you to watch on your own time and at your own pace. Course content is conceived and developed by Noah Mazé with the assistance of the YOGAMAZÉ faculty.

Online course sessions are recorded, archived and available to watch on your own time, whenever you like, as many times as you like, via our host website for 6 months from your date of purchase. Most courses can be viewed on mobile devices. Within 72 hours of purchase, you will receive an email with instructions about how to access and utilize the course. If you wish to extend your access to the course you purchased, you may do so for a $40 renewal fee.

We look forward to sharing our virtual classroom with you.