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Journey Into Vinyasa Flow Practice

This 4-session course offers insight and a unique approach to vinyasa practice and sequencing. In this course, we examine methods and learn techniques to skillfully fuse form and flow, where rhythmic pulse of breath and body converge with skillful alignment. You will receive four unique vinyasa sequences with explanation, analysis, written pose tutorials and short video clips. The sequences are in PDF thumbnails for you to print and reference as you practice. Your core strength will improve greatly while we dance through these fun and progressive flow sequences. When finished, you will be armed with the power to take vinyasa somewhere new. This course will take your practice and understanding to new levels!

Journey Into Vinyasa Flow - For Yoga Teachers

This 8-session course explores vinyasa sequencing strategies and demystifies the formulas to broaden your skill sets in a mind-blowing vinyasa experience. We will vary traditional sequences and launch into new vinyasa territory, as we radically re-interpret pose progressions and encourage creative thinking and movement. We analyze, practice and use the teaching tools best suited for vinyasa flow. Whether you are new to teaching or experienced, there is much that you will be able to implement immediately into your practice and teaching to improve your students’ experience of vinyasa flow. When finished, you will be armed with the power to take vinyasa somewhere new. This course will take your practice and teaching to new levels! This course includes the Journey Into Vinyasa Flow Practice Track course.


This course offers a unique look at how to craft meaningful, deliberate, and effective pose sequences. We hone in on methods, techniques and tools to expand your knowledge and ability, deepen your understanding and increase your dexterity in serving your existing students and to grow your reach. We also examine new sequencing techniques and approaches. Tune up your teaching and increase your depth and range in both alignment and vinyasa classes across a broad spectrum and range of postures and postural categories.

Vinyasa Krama

Whether you are a vinyasa teacher looking for new skills and tools, or an alignment-based teacher seeking to broaden your range, this course will give you many tools to implement immediately. As vinyasa yoga becomes more common, quality varies greatly. Vinyasa classes more closely resemble fitness classes (remember aerobics?) than ever before, and “vinyasa culture” is sitting on a spectrum that seems to grow broader by the hour. In this class, we will explore how to CREATE the experience of being in a FLOW STATE and use strategies and techniques to set your students up for success. Become an effective and powerful yoga teacher and the quality and integrity of your offering will be magnetic and magical.


Sianna Sherman and Noah Mazé team up to offer an informative and inspirational 20 hour online vinyasa course. In this course, we learn to skillfully weave and fuse form and flow, where heartfelt teachings converge with skillful alignment in the rhythmic pulse of breath and body.


Do you want to advance your yoga practice? With Noah’s help, seasoned eyes and experience, and with the support of your peers, your yoga practice will shift, grow and explode! We focus on intermediate poses from every postural category and systematically study and work on poses and sequences to expand your practice. This course builds on the Fundamentals of Yoga Poses course and bridges into intermediate poses. If you want to deepen your practice, this course is for you!