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The material in the original blog post you are seeking to read has been taken down.

To anyone still wondering what this is about or to anyone trying to follow the thread:

Last updated June 13, 2017

I was recently accused of privately writing in a patronizing and coercive way to a teacher in our employ – who had been hired to deliver a teacher training on behalf of YOGAMAZÉ. Although my words were published in a blog and widely distributed just last week, I wrote these words 2 years ago, and I apologized to this employee as soon as I learned my words had offended her.

Context aside, I regret my words. They were unskillful. I have been and continue to be remorseful. I have learned a great deal, and I am committed to continuing to learn about embedded social and cultural inequalities that those of us who sit in a position of privilege are not sensitive enough about.

I will endeavor to learn more about this and shed light on this where possible. I will endeavor to use my privilege to raise social awareness in a new way as a result of this – and if nothing else that has been a positive outgrowth of this experience.

The original article that lived here was a statement authored in response to a pretty intense social media attack on my character. While I made a mistake, my words were taken out of context in much of what was published, and my purpose in writing those words was severely misrepresented. My words were presented in a false light. This unfortunate set of circumstances paved the way for the situation to be widely misunderstood and severely overblown in the media. And I felt an urgent need to correct the record and contain the blaze.

My purpose in writing a response was to provide an insight into my experience, feelings and remorse in connection with a private conversation that sadly became public, because I was asked by the parties involved to share my story and perspective. I regret that I can no longer share that statement with you as I believe it served to ameliorate the alleged harm.

Upon publishing that piece, we received feedback we may have been misinformed about relationships we outlined. We have not researched the matter further. We apologize if we got it wrong. We fully expect we do not accurately know the intricacies of relationships that are not ours – even those that ARE ours can sometimes be confusing.

So it is down.

We are relieved to report all parties involved (or nearly all) are in respectful discussion and on a path working toward peace.

We apologize for any inconvenience or frustration you may feel at not being able to comfortably understand what transpired or come to your own independent judgments given the lack of information that remains.

I encourage you to email us directly with any remaining appropriate and respectful questions. I will attempt to answer all questions, but with an eye toward kindness and with the intention of revealing no hurtful information.

I apologize if I have in any way wasted your time in the last week or if your life was in any way negatively impacted by this drama.

Thanks for following us.  Hopefully next time you come to our website it will be for the purpose of joining us for yoga!  😌

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