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This comprehensive course will deepen your knowledge and facility around the poses that form the basis of a well-balanced, potent practice or class. Every complex asana is built from an understanding of the intricacies that comprise fundamental postures. Noah will guide you on a deep dive into study and relationship with these asanas, laying the groundwork for a rich and skillful practice. This course will ground you in the fundamental methodology of YOGAMAZÉ and help you to develop a thoughtful and effective home practice as well as the knowledge to gain more in the classes you attend.


Commit to 40 days of yoga and you will establish a healthy pattern that can change your life. Do yoga wherever you are, whoever you are, whenever you can. This course is for interested and motivated beginners and means to make yoga accessible; start (or deepen) a home practice, gain the skills and knowledge to take classes with confidence, and experience the benefits of yoga. This course covers basic poses, accessible modifications, potent and user-friendly sequences, and basic meditation, contemplation and breath practices. Live your life consciously!

Anatomy Primer

Your body is your temple. In this foundational course, we learn the basics about the human body—its make up and how it moves. This course is constructed to reduce fear and simplify learning, incorporating interactive elements to help you understand anatomy. This course is tailored for students who want a quick refresher or overview, and also for students who are newer to anatomy, attending their first teacher training or who feel self conscious about the subject matter. This course also serves as a primer for our Anatomy 101 and Anatomy 202 online courses


This course focuses on the use of props in yoga. In a mix of theory, analysis and experience, we will examine the use of props in regular practice, therapeutic practice and restorative practice. This course is highly recommended for anyone with an interest in learning more about yoga practice, developing/expanding a home practice, and for yoga teachers who teach yin and restorative yoga classes and want to expand their ability to teach with props. Develop a home practice of restorative yoga to complement your more active practices and classes, and learn how props can help make intermediate poses more accessible.


The symbolism and stories of yoga poses can open doors of curiosity and learning. In this course we explore the stories and symbolism behind poses that you regularly practice. Learn basic yoga philosophy and mythology and gain an understanding for the depth and richness of these traditions. If you are curious and would like to know more about what sits behind the poses, this course is for you! When you practice these poses, you will more deeply taste and be part of the living traditions of yoga, interpretation and artistic expression.


Teach basic yoga well. It seems simple; it is not. It seems easy; it is not. All too often, new teachers are given beginners classes on the studio schedule. Teaching beginners is anything but easy, and it requires you to be knowledgeable, articulate and resourceful. This course will guide you through developing specific skills and curriculum to teach yoga to beginners. Learn how to sequence, develop curriculum for beginners courses and use props to make yoga accessible to beginners, elderly and specialized populations. This course will help you to grow your skills, expand your reach and spread the yoga love. Let’s make a positive contribution on a global scale! This course includes the YOGAMAZÉ 101 course.


Increase your efficacy and skill as a teacher, whatever your experience is. This course is appropriate for all teachers, and for students who are considering whether to teach. This course studies the fundamental skills of teaching yoga poses and teaches you to understand pose shapes and how to instruct them, step by step. Noah will guide you on a deep dive into study and relationship with these poses, laying the groundwork for a rich and skillful practice for both you and your students This course includes the Fundamentals of Yoga Poses and is the foundational course for all YOGAMAZÉ Yoga Teacher Trainings.