Svadharma: Contemplating the Lessons of the Gita

It's not quite accurate to say that I've been studying the Bhagavad Gita again this season, because working with this text really feels like living with it. My process of even beginning to understand the layers of meaning and question-asking folded within the this symbolic epic-within-an-epic rely on my ability to make it my own. Suffice to [...]

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YOGAMAZÉ ASANA: Twist-Plank-Curl Core Drill with Noah Mazé

Where do you think this sequence went after this core drill?? This pose strengthens: all 4 muscular layers of the abdominal wall (Transverse Abdominus, Internal and External Obliques, Rectus Abdominus) + Serratus Anterior (scapula stabilizer) + hip flexors and more. Parsva Bakasana (Side Crow) would be the obvious target, but can you think of anything [...]

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YOGAMAZÉ ASANA: Restorative Inversion Practice with Noah Mazé

Do you practice restorative yoga regularly? This is a version of my self-care inversion practice, particularly effective for when I'm jet lagged and/or otherwise fatigued and run down. I used to do a full (2 hour) restorative practice at least once per week, but now that I have kids and householder dharma is non-stop, I [...]

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YOGAMAZÉ ASANA: Using a Stool for Backbends with Noah Mazé

Have you ever used a stool for backbends? Both round topped and square topped stools can be great props for yoga, and you can always fold a thin yoga mat and/or blanket to soften the edges a bit. Here is a sequence of backbends with a stool to get you inspired. *precaution - make sure [...]

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YOGAMAZÉ ASANA: The Deep Core with Noah Mazé

What is the "Deep Core" and how does stabilization work? As Noah Mazé of Yogamazé explains, the “Deep Core” are primarily slow-twitch fibers, also referred to as “local stabilizers”--- These are the deeper abdominal muscle layers. Slow-twitch fibers primarily make up the local muscle system and the muscles of the deeper abdominal muscle layers. These [...]

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YOGAMAZÉ ASANA: Use A Dowel Rod To Enhance Sarvangasana & Halasana with Noah Mazé

Do you ever use a dowel rod in Sarvangasana and Halasana? I love this prop because it really helps to get the shoulders open and keep the elbows in position it helps activate latissimus dorsi because you can press the arms down more, which also helps to get the spine in it changes the angle [...]

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YOGAMAZÉ ASANA: Struggling With Dropbacks? Try High Heels! with Noah Mazé

Dropping back from standing into urdhva dhanurasana (upward facing bow, aka wheel pose) is a difficult transition for a number of reasons. Let’s examine just a few of these challenges, along with some practice strategies to address them—including, yes, trying this tricky transition with high heels. Why is this transition hard? It’s scary! In my experience, some [...]

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Comparison Carnival Ride

Do you have a comparison habit? It comes slinking in. Christmas postcards of attire-matching, happy family units; Valentine’s commercials of attractive, hand-in-hand couples, left hand modeling a forever diamond; SOLD-OUT Fall yoga retreats in paradisical lotus lands; grad school buddies publishing yet another book, having another child, thriving in another business. And here you are [...]

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