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The Deep Core

What is the "Deep Core" and how does stabilization work? The “Deep Core” are primarily slow-twitch fibers, also referred to as “local stabilizers”--- These are the deeper abdominal muscle layers. Slow-twitch fibers primarily make up the local muscle system and the muscles of the deeper abdominal muscle layers. These muscles are closer to the center [...]

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Struggling With Dropbacks? Try High Heels!

Dropping back from standing into urdhva dhanurasana (upward facing bow, aka wheel pose) is a difficult transition for a number of reasons. Let’s examine just a few of these challenges, along with some practice strategies to address them—including, yes, trying this tricky transition with high heels. Why is this transition hard? It’s scary! In my experience, some [...]

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Comparison Carnival Ride

Do you have a comparison habit? It comes slinking in. Christmas postcards of attire-matching, happy family units; Valentine’s commercials of attractive, hand-in-hand couples, left hand modeling a forever diamond; SOLD-OUT Fall yoga retreats in paradisical lotus lands; grad school buddies publishing yet another book, having another child, thriving in another business. And here you are [...]

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Don’t Do This: The Contagion of Fear

NEVER do this ONE movement! Now that you’re here, I’ll apologise. This isn’t really about that ONE movement which you should NEVER do. Quite the opposite, in fact, and the title is a cheap trick. It was done to prove a point, though, and now you’re here, please hang around a little longer. Why are [...]

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Resolving in Truth

New Year’s dangling carrot called and it’s looking for your resolution. It is playful to imagine the ways in which we can set ourselves apart from our realities, how we might envision a new way of living for improvement’s sake. It is thunderous to declare that we WILL make these changes, to take those powerful [...]

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In Answer to Recent Events

What follows is thorough version of my story in answer to recent blog and social media posts that contain blatant falsehoods and inaccuracies. These posts have impugned my integrity; and I have remained mostly silent for many months now. Tracy and I decided to republish this letter for two main reasons (1) The mounting volume [...]

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Teaching Yoga to people with Autism

I started practising Yoga 32 years ago, when I was 16, the same age my eldest son Rafi is now. Yoga helped me when I was young to stretch and lengthen my tight sport addled body. That, and some help with relaxation, was all I needed from it then. Sixteen years later, my husband Charlie [...]

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Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

I am very conscious of verbal instructions. My learning style is very language oriented, and I remember almost every instruction in every class that I take. As a teacher, I endeavor to be conscious of every instruction that I give and to be clear about my intended purpose with each sentence and word choice. I [...]

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