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Teaching Yoga to people with Autism

I started practising Yoga 32 years ago, when I was 16, the same age my eldest son Rafi is now. Yoga helped me when I was young to stretch and lengthen my tight sport addled body. That, and some help with relaxation, was all I needed from it then. Sixteen years later, my husband Charlie [...]

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Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

I am very conscious of verbal instructions. My learning style is very language oriented, and I remember almost every instruction in every class that I take. As a teacher, I endeavor to be conscious of every instruction that I give and to be clear about my intended purpose with each sentence and word choice. I [...]

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How Teaching Yoga Has Made Me A Better Academic

In September 2015, I became a 500 hour registered yoga teacher. Before these 500 hours, I was never sure if teaching yoga was something I wanted to do since I already had a career that I was very happy and confident in. I am a social worker and I am currently on the tail end [...]

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Dream Yoga Retreat

Leading yoga retreats was a dream of mine because my goal as a teacher is to facilitate transformative experiences for my students and clients. Yoga stretches the canvas of our lives, unveils latent potential, and deconstructs limiting beliefs. When on retreat and away from the “daily grind”, we can participate more fully in the process [...]

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Keep Practicing in Locally Owned Small Studios

If the possibility that you may forever be swiffering floors, folding blankets, practicing congeniality and care with the most redundant questions, constantly checking in with people that work for you but don’t really work for you that work for themselves but don’t really work for themselves, and juggling what seems to be a unfinished crossword [...]

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Yoga Wall Ropes – Building Relationship with Receptivity and Support

Today's blogger, Gabby Yates, is a San Francisco Bay Area-based yoga teacher and a YOGAMAZÉ Apprentice.   I was first properly introduced to wall ropes in a yoga class for back and neck care with Iyengar teacher Anne Saliou.  At that point, I'd been teaching yoga for a number of years but a neck injury [...]

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Grow Some Wings And Fly

Our guest blogger today, Mackie Osborne, is a long time student of Noah's. She and Nichol Chase teach weekly Aerial Yoga classes at the YOGAMAZÉ Studio in Los Angeles. Mackie and Nichol will also be co-leading an Aerial Yoga Intensive in February of next year. Come fly with us! My whole life I’ve wanted to [...]

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