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Go beneath the skin to bones, joints, primary muscle groups and movement to understand some complexity about how the human body is built. We introduce and explore eight main regions of the body: spine and core, pelvis, hip, lower extremity (from hip to foot), foot and ankle, shoulder, upper extremity (from the shoulder to the hand), wrist and hand. Each session builds upon the more basic information presented in our foundational Anatomy Primer series, and in this course you will bridge into more complex anatomy and kinesiology concepts with some application to yoga practice and poses.


This course is for yoga teachers with prior knowledge and understanding of anatomy. In this course, we explore in relative detail muscular function, biomechanics, and kinesiology. Here we delve into further detail regarding joint and body mechanics while integrating more advanced anatomical knowledge. This course builds on the material presented in our Anatomy 101 course. If you want the details, this course is for you!

Anatomy Primer

Your body is your temple. In this foundational course, we learn the basics about the human body—its make up and how it moves. This course is constructed to reduce fear and simplify learning, incorporating interactive elements to help you understand anatomy. This course is tailored for students who want a quick refresher or overview, and also for students who are newer to anatomy, attending their first teacher training or who feel self conscious about the subject matter. This course also serves as a primer for our Anatomy 101 and Anatomy 202 online courses


Refine your eye and use of touch as a teacher in this course designed especially for teachers. In this course we practice manual adjustments and refine our use of touch. We context when these adjustments might be used in teaching, and analyze the decision making factors of which adjustments and/or other teaching techniques are most appropriate. Learn how to assist handstands and forearm balances and backbends. Your students will thank you for taking this course!


This course offers a unique look at how to craft meaningful, deliberate, and effective pose sequences. We hone in on methods, techniques and tools to expand your knowledge and ability, deepen your understanding and increase your dexterity in serving your existing students and to grow your reach. We also examine new sequencing techniques and approaches. Tune up your teaching and increase your depth and range in both alignment and vinyasa classes across a broad spectrum and range of postures and postural categories.


Join Noah to understand the anatomy and kinesiology of common yoga poses, including joint positions, difficulties, common misalignments, agonist and antagonist muscle groups. This course assumes you have a baseline understanding of anatomy. From there, you will learn much, including how to apply the mechanics of movement to your own yoga poses and your teaching. Explore why misalignments occur in common yoga poses and what to do about it. Put YOGAMAZÉ Anatomy 101 and 202 online course material and your prior anatomy studies into your practice and your teaching. If you are interested in applied anatomy, Asanatomy is your course.


If you theme in class, or are interested in themeing, this course is for you. Sitting underneath the surface of these poses are rigorous philosophical traditions and the better part of 6,000 years of collective mythic consciousness. The myths behind yoga’s spiritual tradition have the power to help yoga students in body and practice, and understanding them adds layers. In this course we examine some tales that correspond with yoga poses, and explore story and myth in practicing yoga. Together we create a tapestry of step-by-step postural instruction with evocative power of metaphor and myth. You will learn many techniques to bring philosophy and myth and metaphor into your classes. This course includes the Stories of Yoga Poses.


Sianna Sherman and Noah Mazé team up to offer an informative and inspirational 20 hour online vinyasa course. In this course, we learn to skillfully weave and fuse form and flow, where heartfelt teachings converge with skillful alignment in the rhythmic pulse of breath and body.


Increase your efficacy and skill as a teacher, whatever your experience is. This course is appropriate for all teachers, and for students who are considering whether to teach. This course studies the fundamental skills of teaching yoga poses and teaches you to understand pose shapes and how to instruct them, step by step. Noah will guide you on a deep dive into study and relationship with these poses, laying the groundwork for a rich and skillful practice for both you and your students This course includes the Fundamentals of Yoga Poses and is the foundational course for all YOGAMAZÉ Yoga Teacher Trainings.


This comprehensive course will deepen your knowledge and facility around the poses that form the basis of a well-balanced, potent practice or class. Every complex asana is built from an understanding of the intricacies that comprise fundamental postures. Noah will guide you on a deep dive into study and relationship with these asanas, laying the groundwork for a rich and skillful practice. This course will ground you in the fundamental methodology of YOGAMAZÉ and help you to develop a thoughtful and effective home practice as well as the knowledge to gain more in the classes you attend.


Do you want to advance your yoga practice? With Noah’s help, seasoned eyes and experience, and with the support of your peers, your yoga practice will shift, grow and explode! We focus on intermediate poses from every postural category and systematically study and work on poses and sequences to expand your practice. This course builds on the Fundamentals of Yoga Poses course and bridges into intermediate poses. If you want to deepen your practice, this course is for you!

Journey Into Vinyasa Flow - For Yoga Teachers

This 8-session course explores vinyasa sequencing strategies and demystifies the formulas to broaden your skill sets in a mind-blowing vinyasa experience. We will vary traditional sequences and launch into new vinyasa territory, as we radically re-interpret pose progressions and encourage creative thinking and movement. We analyze, practice and use the teaching tools best suited for vinyasa flow. Whether you are new to teaching or experienced, there is much that you will be able to implement immediately into your practice and teaching to improve your students’ experience of vinyasa flow. When finished, you will be armed with the power to take vinyasa somewhere new. This course will take your practice and teaching to new levels! This course includes the Journey Into Vinyasa Flow Practice Track course.

Journey Into Vinyasa Flow Practice

This 4-session course offers insight and a unique approach to vinyasa practice and sequencing. In this course, we examine methods and learn techniques to skillfully fuse form and flow, where rhythmic pulse of breath and body converge with skillful alignment. You will receive four unique vinyasa sequences with explanation, analysis, written pose tutorials and short video clips. The sequences are in PDF thumbnails for you to print and reference as you practice. Your core strength will improve greatly while we dance through these fun and progressive flow sequences. When finished, you will be armed with the power to take vinyasa somewhere new. This course will take your practice and understanding to new levels!

Low Back Basics

Our Low Back Basics course is a user-friendly course, which takes a rehabilitative approach to the lumbar spine. This course is organized by movement dysfunctions (flexion and extension), and pathologies pathogenesis of common injuries. We examine movements and postures that can assist common low back ailments as well as ones to avoid. We look at how to best facilitate deep lumbar stabilizing muscles. Students can anticipate a detailed anatomy review of the lumbar spine, kinesiology and movement of the low back and pelvis, an overview of the deep lumbar stabilizers, and an analysis of the important structures involved with common pathologies related to low back pain. Expect a heavy dose of anatomy, experiential muscle facilitation drills, exercises and progressions, modifications and use of props.


A unique YOGAMAZÉ online course focusing on scoliosis education and how to use a therapeutic approach with yoga to reduce/ease associated symptoms and weakness. This course is designed for teachers working with students that have scoliosis and practitioners who want to learn more about addressing their own scoliosis. The interactive class includes historical information, research, and tips for rudimentary assessment. We explore and optimize yoga’s therapeutic benefits of flexibility, mobility, strength and proprioception so you can put this knowledge immediately to work.

SI Joint Dysfunction

Sacro-Iliac Joint dysfunction can be attributed to 15-30% of those experiencing low back pain around one side of their lower pelvis. This type of dysfunction appears to be more prevalent within the yoga community. The reasons are multifactorial, and some of the causes may include muscle weakness and overuse of specific muscle groups within asymmetrical yoga poses. Join Dr. Paula Gelbart in a 4-part online series discussing the causes of Sacro-Iliac Joint dysfunction, how to assess some contributing factors, when and who to refer your students out to, self-care treatment and prevention strategies, strengthening skills & drills, and sequencing strategies for teachers.


The symbolism and stories of yoga poses can open doors of curiosity and learning. In this course we explore the stories and symbolism behind poses that you regularly practice. Learn basic yoga philosophy and mythology and gain an understanding for the depth and richness of these traditions. If you are curious and would like to know more about what sits behind the poses, this course is for you! When you practice these poses, you will more deeply taste and be part of the living traditions of yoga, interpretation and artistic expression.


This course focuses on the use of props in yoga. In a mix of theory, analysis and experience, we will examine the use of props in regular practice, therapeutic practice and restorative practice. This course is highly recommended for anyone with an interest in learning more about yoga practice, developing/expanding a home practice, and for yoga teachers who teach yin and restorative yoga classes and want to expand their ability to teach with props. Develop a home practice of restorative yoga to complement your more active practices and classes, and learn how props can help make intermediate poses more accessible.


Learn how to instruct intermediate poses, step-by-step, and study how to apply your pose knowledge in teaching. Gain practical tools and ideas to expand poses, insight into preparing better sequences and become a better instructor. Expand your teaching repertoire and broaden your students horizons with this course. This course builds directly on the Fundamentals of Teaching Poses course and includes the Intermediate Poses & Practice course.

Vinyasa Krama

Whether you are a vinyasa teacher looking for new skills and tools, or an alignment-based teacher seeking to broaden your range, this course will give you many tools to implement immediately. As vinyasa yoga becomes more common, quality varies greatly. Vinyasa classes more closely resemble fitness classes (remember aerobics?) than ever before, and “vinyasa culture” is sitting on a spectrum that seems to grow broader by the hour. In this class, we will explore how to CREATE the experience of being in a FLOW STATE and use strategies and techniques to set your students up for success. Become an effective and powerful yoga teacher and the quality and integrity of your offering will be magnetic and magical.

Yoga Philosophy Primer

This course introduces the main currents of yoga philosophy and religious traditions of South Asia. We will examine the indigenous religious traditions of South Asia, namely Hinduisim, Buddhism and Jainism. What do these traditions say about the nature of the cosmos and human nature? What relevance do these traditions have to us? We examine how yoga has come to be associated with posture, asana, and the dissemination of yoga to the west and subsequent proliferation of modern postural yoga. We study these traditions from historical, psychological, philosophical, sociological, contemplative and experiential perspectives. We consider myth, story telling, symbolism, ritual, philosophical and theological formulations and iconography.


Commit to 40 days of yoga and you will establish a healthy pattern that can change your life. Do yoga wherever you are, whoever you are, whenever you can. This course is for interested and motivated beginners and means to make yoga accessible; start (or deepen) a home practice, gain the skills and knowledge to take classes with confidence, and experience the benefits of yoga. This course covers basic poses, accessible modifications, potent and user-friendly sequences, and basic meditation, contemplation and breath practices. Live your life consciously!


Teach basic yoga well. It seems simple; it is not. It seems easy; it is not. All too often, new teachers are given beginners classes on the studio schedule. Teaching beginners is anything but easy, and it requires you to be knowledgeable, articulate and resourceful. This course will guide you through developing specific skills and curriculum to teach yoga to beginners. Learn how to sequence, develop curriculum for beginners courses and use props to make yoga accessible to beginners, elderly and specialized populations. This course will help you to grow your skills, expand your reach and spread the yoga love. Let’s make a positive contribution on a global scale! This course includes the YOGAMAZÉ 101 course.